Sunday, 7 February 2016

Cape to Cape

We had left the hot humid life in Malawi without any thoughts of what to expect. Travelling Cape Maclear, Malawi, to Cape Town , South Africa opened our eyes...
To mountains: we walked circling around the stunning sites

The peak of lions head

Climbing table mountain
To money: we observed the fast life where there were incentives to move things forward

Sea point
 To coasts: we walked the picturesque lanscapes full of unique species and wildlife 

The drive along chapmans peak
To museums: we documented the creative arts, wildlife and fascinating science of the world

These were all based around beautiful company gardens which was just 1 part of the city centre in which we explored. We were really lucky to balance both tourism and the city as a place to live and work having met up with Winston’s fellow friends and family.Many Malawians go to South Africa because of the deprived economy in Malawi. We met some really great people who loved to look after us and show us different places (after all they were Malawian!)
I cannot forget Jill Ingram either based in Cape Town who had swept us under her wing once again after I had met her 5 years ago with cyclist Steve (who is still cycling the world, just finishing… Once again as kind, energetic and full of information as ever she picked Winston and I up for a fun day out then we met her family. 

Sightseeing in Kistenbosch Gardens

Backpacking and meeting such a variety of different people took us to contrasting neighbourhoods. I even met a Kalahari 2nd generation bushman who had made a name for himself by complaining to the press about how the government had once again moved him and his family to another township settlement. He had a tremendous low cost built house designed and built with the inspirational earth architect Stephen Lamb.

Xoma, the owner of the Light House, Hout Bay

Having researched in Malawi, I went to Cape Town to meet and expand my sustainable architectural and construction knowledge.  I forced meetings with Vernon, from Collis & Associates and Andy Horn. Both inspirational with different specialities I absorbed the information knowing it would develop my work back in Malawi.

The most adventurous experience of all was the abseiling off Table Mountain that Chizzy (Winston’s brother) made a complementary activity as this was his work.

This was the best view after I walked off the side of the 1000m above sea level mountain backwards and twirled around after the 112m drop that displayed every cloud and coastline.
Not to forget the horseriding:

Horseriding at Pinelands Eco Village
Winston and I saw many contrasts and relaxed for our holiday but also kept busy walking, talking and learning about the faster pace of life with so many benefits and problems because of development.

After all of our fun and excitement it was definitely time to go home and meet our well known communities of friends. Definitely the warm heart 100 times more relaxed and friendly here with no obvious crime.
I always looked forward to my work: exciting building projects and my beautiful home now green as the rains had cleared all the spells of dust away. The land had grown, risen with tall maize rather than buildings. Maybe this is just the way it should be?

My short cut / path to my house, Lilongwe